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Enterprise Credit Union was formed after a lot of discussion and training by a group of volunteers

In the late 80’s and registered in 1988.

Children have a head start with the credit union Young Saver Account. Parents and relatives can save for children from birth to age 16.

Some Wise Advice from the Money Advice and Budgeting teamis available to all members.
Eligible for membership is live or work in the Boroughs of Knowsley, Liverpool and St Helens

June 2011 Enterprise Credit Union now has a new branch in Prescot town centre. Dividend paid in 2011 was 1.5%

Tom Roberts a local businessman in November 2012 became the first Corporate Member of Enterprise Credit Union. After 24 years the credit union reached 10000 members.

Dividend paid in 2012 was 2%.

2013 year saw a massive increase in demand for our Christmas Loans with the total amount approved reaching in excess of £3.2 million pounds.

Dividend paid in 2013 was 2%

Enterprise Credit Union was invited to attend the reception at 10 Downing Street. The reception was being held to build on the 'Real Help Now' initiative about real help for real people. The Prime Minister thanked Enterprise Credit Union for the work that they do in the community.

 The Hall Lane Refurbishment was Complete in August 2014.

Dividend paid was 2.5%

The credit Union has over the years merged with other credit unions most recently Halewood Credit Union increasing membership by approximately 600 in 2015. Fairbanking Awards on the 20th October 2015 at the Guild Hall in London was awarded to Enterprise one of only three Credit Unions in the country to be awarded the 5 star Mark. Dividend paid was 2%

May 2016 will see the opening of the 6th branch of the credit union of the high street in St Helens. Enterprise CU has seen a massive growth in their loan portfolio over the past year with over £20 million pounds being issued to the members within its community. The volume which reached over 29 thousand loan applications being approved.

 Contact 5-7 Page Moss La, Liverpool L14 0JJ.  Phone 0151 283 1558 e-mail 

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