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Newington Credit Union Ltd

is a co-operative. It was formed in 1967 by a group of people in the community, getting together to help themselves and others. The temporary premises were the Holy Family Boys` Primary School and the Common Bond was the Holy Family Parish. Their goal was to help people to save regularly and borrow wisely.

During the years Newington Credit Union has grown in membership. The current premises are situated at 239/243 Duncairn Gardens. The Common Bond has been extended and it now covers BT15 and parts of BT1, BT13 and BT14.

Newington Credit Union employs a Chief Executive Officer and full and part-time staff to look after the day to day running of the Credit Union. The Board of Directors & Committee members all work on a voluntary basis.

From the beginning, the one thing that has not changed is the Credit Union Principle:

Not for profit, not for gain.
Equality, equity and mutual self-help.
Non-discrimination in race, religion, politics, sex and nationality.

Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd

Slemish Credit Union Ltd. Formed in the 90’s and took place in the old Minor Town Hall in Ballymena, a princely sum of £7.00 was collected Shortly after the formation of Slemish Credit Union Ltd., another group of like minded people came together to form Braid Credit Union Ltd..

In 2007 it became very clear to both Credit Unions the benefit of a merger and Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union Ltd. was formed. 2014/15 will see the cornerstone legacy, the opening of the new principal and Registered Office on the former Raglan Bar site, Queen Street, Ballymena.  


Willowfield Credit Union Ltd

Willowfield Credit Union opened to the public in December 1967 and has served its members well for 49 years. At the end of its first year it had Assets of £10k. Today it has net assets of £3.45 million, a measure of the success of the Credit Union and of the high esteem in which t is held by the 1800 members. Willowfield Credit Union are delighted to be part of the 300 ILCU affiliated Credit Unions. However since 2012 like all credit unions in Norther Ireland is now registerd with the Financial Conduct Authority

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18.08 | 14:55

I am very proud to be a part of the credit union and the ethos of people helping people.

Congratulations to No1 CopperPot.

14.07 | 04:57

A very inspiring and educational experience. It awaken my interest to serve the community.

01.07 | 13:06

As schools Development Worker for Unify Credit Union, I found the schools project resources very useful.... some really good ideas, Thank you x

23.11 | 16:41
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