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Smart Money Cymru Credit Union Ltd

Smart Money Cymru was originally formed in October 1989 as Penyrheol and Trecenydd Credit Union and in 2000 the common bond area was extended to cover the Caerphilly Basin. 

The first office was opened in Clive Street Caerphilly in 2001 with a paid member of staff, then in 2002 the extension of the common bond included the whole of the Rhymney Valley.

October 2006 saw the Credit Union employ its fifth member of staff and extend its common bond to cover the whole of the Caerphilly County Borough.

Smart Money Credit Union Ltd was formed in July 2008 following a merger between Caerphilly & District and Blaenau Gwent (Save-it) Credit Unions and a further member of staff employed.


In March 2010 the Financial Service Authority approved a further extension to cover the local authority area of Newport.

 In July 2013 the Credit Union moved to purpose built premises on the high street in Caerphilly in order to become more accessible and grow further.

Smart Money Cymru has increased in size steadily , providing access to low cost finance to members within its common bond area.  (Live or Work - Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent and Newport) and accordingly directly addressing financial exclusion for more people.

Caerphilly based Parent Network have 90% of their staff as new members of the credit union. The Parent Network is actively promoting good financial health in the community and has been working with the credit union for some time. 


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